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Join DANGERESQUE, the world's greatest private eye/crooked cop, as he puzzles his way through 3 bite-sized roomisodes in this classic-style point and click adventure.

Each room is a separate, standalone mini-adventure with its own puzzles to solve, inventory items to collect, and other characters to interact with.

  • ROOMISODE 1: Learn to fake-solve a cold case to prevent The Chief from sending you to jail! 
  • ROOMISODE 2: Team up with Renaldo to deal with car troubles at a seedy intersection!
  • ROOMISODE 3: Take a side-gig doing security consulting for Perducci! 

Sound mundane? No! Sounds munDANGERESQUE

What started as a Flash browser game back in 2008 has been remastered and expanded with all new graphics, animation, cutscenes, and FULL VOICE ACTING.

MAC Users:  **We are working on getting Apple Developer Certification. Until then, the best solution Itch.io has recommended is to download the itch.io desktop app:


and run the game from inside the app. This seems to solve the "this file is corrupted and should be trashed" error some users are getting. Apologies for the inconvenience as we navigate Apple Developer Funland!

Updated 5 hours ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
TagsComedy, dangeresque, homestar-runner, Mystery, Noir, Point & Click, Retro, strong-bad


Buy Now$5.83 USD or more

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Dangeresque - The Roomisode Triungulate_MAC.zip 368 MB
Dangeresque - The Roomisode Triungulate_WIN.zip 359 MB
Dangeresque - The Roomisode Triungulate_Linux.zip 359 MB

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Soundtrack (WAV files) 395 MB
Soundtrack (MP3 files) 46 MB

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Has this been updated with the new "Roomisode" the other platforms got?


Hold tight! It's on its way! Working out a few non-Steam kinks. Thanks for your patience!


Thrilled to see the Linux version in my updates today! Thank you!


Let The 'Trix know if anything seems weird with it. Our first steps into Open Source Greg territory!

We could not be more blessed in the Comments section. -- Just as a second try at getting some Vi-Dev-lectrix attention, any chance of getting the full Dinosaur Pie update on my itch.io purchase of Halloween Hide n' Seek, please?


This was a horrible oversight! Apologies! Never meant to deprive the itch folks of their full Dinosaur Pie! Just uploaded a new build that should contain it, along with a linux version.

And if you need more Dino Pie, check out Rich Trott's amazing instrumentalized version HERE.

The whole Trott-cover train that's been a-rolling recently has been just wonderful. :  ) Just wanted to tell you it's been SO wonderful to be finally able to hear the new lines. And wow, not only was there new Homestar singing, there was new Strong Sad singing in it! Genuinely beautiful and haunting (and gotta love the Twin Peaks ref'), as Strong Sad singing always is, all the way back to Ghost of John.

(7 edits)

Woah, sorry-- quick game-breaking glitch. I just tried to get the King of Town to stop bouncing by using "Bounciness Scabs, Dont". (EDIT: I tried all three. It crashes regardless of which "bounce" prompt is chosen.) It force-quit the game and opened up Steam and left this message...

I'm on macOS, in-case this is only an issue for macOS. Any chance y'all left behind some Steam dealio?

EDIT: Yeah, I just did this thrice-- it force-quit and opened Steam every time right after The King of Town says, "I better stop!"... which is marvelous timing.


Argh! So sorry! Steam Achievement remnants causing problems when we switch to Itch! Should be fixed now.

Glad you like the new musical additions and apologies for the crashiness!

can you make a download for the old flash game as a demo cus wen i play it on the site it will frees

This is actually related to Halloween Hide n' Seek instead of Dangeresque, but I don't think H*R:HH&S has the ability to leave comments. I just saw the latest Trott video with all the Dinosaur Pie songs, and was really confused that I hadn't encountered any Dinosaur Pie songs beyond the one in-front of Marzipan's house. Is this a Steam-only thing currently? I'm a macOS user and bought it here on itch.io, and I don't seem to have the ability to hear any of the other Dinosaur Pie songs, even if I take a fresh download. All the best!


Videlectrix, I just wanted to say that you all did a FANTASTIC job on Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate! I played it for the first time on Steam about 2 weeks ago and it truly feels like an expanded and enhanced version of the first game.  I loved the upgraded cutscenes and puzzles for Roomisode 1 and I loved that you added full voice acting. Not to mention, the sheer scope of Roomisodes 2 & 3 are just... my god, words can't describe it. They are way bigger than I thought they were going to be! And those cutscenes for those two Roomisodes are absolutely seamless. Not to mention, each cutscene directly takes place after the first Roomisode! My personal favorite Roomisode from this is Roomisode 2. I know we originally saw a glimpse of Roomisde 2 a while back, and actually getting to play it in this 3-part collection is mind-blowing. Not to mention, Roomisode 2 has some of the most unique puzzles in the entire game, and they were really a challenge for me on my first playthrough! The absolute hardest for me was the final Roomisode. I really liked that it was set in Perducci's restauraunt, and I liked that we got to see Killingyouguy as well. This Roomisode was my favorite in solely challenge. You had to really think about what you were doing and use your brain power to figure out the puzzles in this Roomisode in particular. But, the challenge is what is part of the fun, and it delivered in that department! Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate is a remaster done right. It takes everything great about the original Roomisode game and remasters it as well as expands it to include incredibly challenging puzzles, full voice acting, and great set pieces. This was DEFINITELY worth the $8 I spent on it on Steam. I am incredibly proud of the entire team at Videlectrix for what they've created. You guys knocked it out of the park with this. Well done!

I got every unchievement alocked on the Steam release, but I don't know why Roomisode 2 allows above-max score while the other two are not-over-max. Are there any secret sorcret points I'm missing in Rsd. 1 and 3? Or would that ruin the fun for other players?

Hmm. You're not supposed to be able to get over 170. Any idea how you did it? And what was your final total score?

My final score in Roomisode 2 was 175, and I did everything in the game as intended with no bugs or exploits.

I did another run of the part, but I was unable to replicate the overscore thing. I wonder if anyone else managed to do that, or if it was already fixed by now.

Hi-hi! Man, is the font on here beautiful. Quick question: Is the 1.01 update available here on itch.io right now, or just on Steam? ^_^ Rock-rock on to y'all-- just like the Flash games that preceded it, all of your work with GB Studio & Unity has been tremendously inspirational.


1.01 is live for itch now as well. Git at them eggs! 'Pologies for the delay!


Already played 3 times on Steam and unlocked everything! This game was very much worth the wait! I bought it here too just to help support the makers of my childhood. Any plans to maybe do more Point-and-click Homestar games like this? Or maybe port classics like Trogdor or Peasant's Quest to Steam?

So, are you sure this game runs within the itch.io app?  It crashes on my computer within like 2 seconds.  

And, are you sure it's supported for Mac OS X, 10.8 and above?  Running OS 10.13.6. 

Also, given the name 'El Dumpo', do you think Strong Sad would look cool with a matador hat, a cape, and a trash bag emblem?  No, probably not.  



Looking into this now! So sorry you can't get it to run! If it's determined that it can't run on your OS, I can request a refund from itch. Apologies!

Well, that's the *last* thing I want.  

Having played Roomisode 1, I'm a huge fan.  I'd settle for playing it in a browser window in Ruffle, just like the other.  

Only if there's no other way.  

I've been waiting a long time for these to come out.  


No workarounds, huh?  


(1 edit)

Sadly, haven't been able to find anything yet. It was tested on High Sierra and worked fine there but possibly we overestimated how far back a MacOS release we could support. There is still a chance that if we get Apple Certification (which is proving more difficult to achieve than anticipated), it might solve the problem. If you are not up for waiting for that, I totally understand and just let me know if I need to request a refund for you.

That's OK, I'll wait.  

Mine runs High Sierra, the latest version of it, 10.13.6.  

That's odd.  It should work.  I think it has something to do with getting caught by the sandbox, and stuck in the 'Verifying' step.  

I haven't done all the troubleshooting I can do.  There's a workaround in Terminal for this sort of thing, usually.  I'll have to check the Console, for errors and then look it up.  Normally Ctrl-Click fixes this sort of problem.  I haven't had this kind of trouble with a file since I was running OS 10.11 on another computer.  That required something a little more involved.  I'm sure it's all down to the system security software.  


(1 edit) (+1)

Here's how to fix the problem so you can run the app on newer versions of MacOS (this is just a local fix, not something that can be distributed). The code signature is the problem, so you have to remove the existing one and add one of your own so the app will launch on the local machine. You'll need to use the Terminal app in the Utilities folder. You'll also need to be logged into a user account on your Mac that has administrator privileges.

Fire up the terminal and open the folder where you have the Dangeresque app installed (probably your /Applications folder.

Type the following into the open terminal window:

xattr -cr 

Make sure to type a space after the -cr, then find the Dangeresque app and drag and drop it on top of the open terminal window where you just typed the xattr line. This will paste in the full path to the app after -cr. If it is in the Applications folder, it will look something like this:

xattr -cr /Applications/Dangeresque\ -\ The\ Roomisode\ Triungulate_MAC.app

Once done, press Return. If all goes well nothing will happen except that a new prompt will appear so you can type more commands. Now type the following:

sudo codesign --remove-signature 

Once again, make sure you add a space after --remove-signature and then drag and drop the Dangeresque app into the open terminal window. If the app is in your Applications folder, the line should now look like this:

sudo codesign --remove-signature /Applications/Dangeresque\ -\ The\ Roomisode\ Triungulate_MAC.app

Press Return to execute this command. You should be prompted to enter your administrator account password:


Now type your administrator account password (the one you use to log in). Note that you won't see anything happening in the terminal window as you type your password, this is normal and is how UNIX handles secure password input. Just trust that what you are typing is getting entered. Finally press Return to submit your password and sign the app. This should very quickly return you to the terminal prompt (though your Mac might ask to install some command line tools, if so, let them get installed.

Type the following into the terminal:

sudo codesign -fs - 

Once again, add a space after the final - above and drag and drop the Dangeresque app into the open Terminal window. It will probably look like this:

sudo codesign -fs - /Applications/Dangeresque\ -\ The\ Roomisode\ Triungulate_MAC.app

Press Return and re-enter your administrator password if prompted. You should once again find yourself back at a command line prompt without any errors.

If everything went well, you should now be able to launch the app normally on this Mac without any warnings. I can confirm that it works just fine on even the latest Ventura version, even with an Apple Silicon Mac. If you delete this app and reinstall it in the future, you may need to follow these steps again to get it working, but so long as you leave the app on your Mac it will just work without needing to follow these steps again.


Definitely going to be picking this game up later on once my dad starts making better pay! (Yeah, we're kind of dry on money right now )=.)

I'm very happy to see Roomisode 2 finally finished as well as an extra bonus finale episode with Perducci and Killingyouguy!

I've been a very avid Dangeresque fan and I can't wait to play this later on! 


Add the soundtrack to the game as an additional download?


Working on this very thing!

I like to archive all my music in CD quality 16-bit FLAC.

im trying to get full score on the first roomisode and i keep missing 2 points. i think it's for talking to all the inanimate objects, but im pretty sure i have done that

tried like 3 more times and still havent gotten the achievement. not sure if it's glitched or there's something obscure im missing

The bit I was missing was talking to the Filene Cabinay AND the files within her. Could be a similar situation for the rug and the bit under the rug, as well as the window, windowsill, and objects on the windowsill.

i figured it out eventually and it was the windowsill

Was able to figure out the whole thing in about an hour. Good times, just never say "tucc the ducc" again.


Is there any chance that this will run on Linux (wine, etc)? If not, is there any chance that there will be a Linux port?

I know the Steam version works with Proton and runs fairly well on Steam Deck. So maybe?

(1 edit)

Well, I'm getting some segmentation faults when I try running it through wine64. Might have to buy a second copy on steam in case that works better.

EDIT: Managed to get it running using Proton. The cutscenes stutter a lot, but that could just be my computer not having enough RAM.


Glad you got it running. Sorry about the cutscene stutter. They are just movies playing but the codec we used was only tested on Win and Mac so it might be that there's a better codec to use for Linux. We will continue to look into the possibility of a Linux version since this project was made in Unity.

If there are issues with the MacOS version, let me know when they're sarrrlllved?

Hey, I'm playing the game through the downloaded executable on Windows 10, and I found a bug. 


In Roomisode 2, if you interrupt Strong Bad filling up the cup in the sewer by clicking somewhere while he walks up to the sewer water, the cup water icon won't appear. Strong Bad also won't remark that the water cup ran out no matter how long you wait, and trying to get him to fill it up again will cause him to say he already has some. After a little while you can fill up the cup again, so it's not a huge error, but I'm stuck at this bit so it makes it a little confusing.

Sorry you're experiencing some buggins. How are you interrupting him getting the water? I am unable to replicate. Once I click the cup on the sewer water, it's like a short cutscene that won't let me click anywhere until he's done getting the water. I will continue to look into this.

Thanks for the quick response! I messed around a bit more and I think it has something to do with using the cup on the bomb stuff in the engine. Here's a video:


Oh good, this lines up with the bug I found when researching your issue. Like you said, fortunately it doesn't seem to fully break anything but it makes it confusing. This will get patched in the next update. Thanks for finding it!


No problem! Thanks for making this game jumbo/large 😁


I...feel like a fool, but I cannot find an option anywhere to actually buy this game here on itch.io?

Deleted 287 days ago

The "Buy" button was there about half an hour ago, but I got an error message when I clicked it. I think they took the game down to fix some of the issues.

Deleted 275 days ago
Deleted 275 days ago

We will look into this as well. What app is it saying you need to download? It shouldn't require any new software to play. Compy386 and above compatible. Nedscape 2.5.

Deleted 287 days ago
Deleted 275 days ago
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I downloaded the macOS version (itch.io) and it says that the file is "damaged and can't be opened". 


Same experience here.


Booooo! Working on this now. Not sure what's up with the Mac version. Apologies.


Is it telling you the zip file is damaged? Or the .app file inside? Also, what macOS are folks running?

The app file is damaged. I'm running Monterey on an Intel-based Mac.

file unzips but the .app file is damaged, running OS 13.4.1 on an M1 chip

Monterey on M1 chip

seems like videlectrix #3 was too busy graffixing it up and accidentally mussed up the progrumming

Posted this in the main game description as well, but it appears to be an Apple Certification issue that can be avoided if you run the game in the Itch.io desktop app:

MAC Users:  **We are working on getting Apple Developer Certification. Until then, the best solution Itch.io has recommended is to download the itch.io desktop app:


and run the game from inside the app. This seems to solve the "this file is corrupted and should be trashed" error some users are getting. Apologies for the inconvenience as we navigate Apple Developer Funland!

Let us know if this solves the issue.

Gents, any reason why itch wont let me exchange my Good Graphix bucks for this game?


A bug fix update to clear out residual Steamins was in-process. You should be good to dornlowd now!


Can this good graphics game be purchased and played on a phone? I don’t have a Compy or Lappy.


Give Videlectrix a li'l bit to see if a port is possible. Er, a porst is protable.

Alright. As long as there are GOOD GRAPHICS!!!!!


Hold tight Good Graphickateers! There's some leftover Steam garbage in these itch versions of the game! Give Videlectrix a few mins to sweep it out and reupload (and reapplaud) the game for ya! Apologies!

Deleted 287 days ago

Same here, purchased on itch.io, and it will attempt to open Steam and then crash at various points during play.


Updated. Give the game a re-download when you have a chance. Should have all the Steaminess removed. Apologies if this causes any save data or progress loss. Thanks for your launch day patience! "Paunchience" I call it!