It's Trogdor's 19th Trogday and he's out to smote him a Kerrek. Squish all the peasants while avoiding the knights to achieve burnination. Then burninate all the cottages to face off against the Kerrek himself.

It will all get great when a Trogdor-type game is the game that you are playing.


  • D-pad to move [WASD or arrow keys]
  • A to jump [Z on keyboard]
  • B to shoot fireballs (once you have burnination) [X on keyboard]
  • SELECT to mute music [SHIFT on keyboard]

Originally released for the FunMachine Pantsit portable console (technically it was too big for a pocket, but could totally fit in one's pants) but it should be compatible with any GameBoy Color-type deal.


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Trogday2022.pocket - for Analogue Pocket 256 kB