v2.1 Update - Bug Fixins n' Music Mixins

  • Fixed some bugs
    • Gremlin Latte/Trunk Release issues corrected (sometimes they'd appear incorrectly)
    • Found missing Coach Z line when you try and give him the Latte
    • Fixed issue with the cursed earth and the trampo where it made you walk around it for no reason

  • Added new background music so you go a little less crazy!
    • Marzipan's House has new bg music
    • Inside Spooky, Leafy Tree has new bg music
    • The Castle and Throne Room have new bg music

  • Hopefully didn't create any new bugs (let us know if we done-dang-did)


Halloween Hide n Seek_WIN.zip 44 MB
Nov 08, 2022
Halloween Hide n Seek_MAC.zip 54 MB
Nov 08, 2022

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